Corporate Business, VIP, Leisure or an Aerial Helicopter Tours
The elite helicopter charter service
The elite helicopter charter service  
Event Charters
Helicopter Charter

Many high profile events allow for direct landing at or near that event and A-1 Air Carriers, LLC has years of experience seamlessly transporting passengers to and from these happenings. Whether the destination is an Auto Race, Polo Match, Golf Tournament or Concert we can get you there swiftly, safely and luxuriously.

Island getaways/resorts
Helicopter Flights

A-1 Air Carriers LLC has years of experience flying passengers in luxury to the Bahamas as well as getting the all so important cargo and luggage out expediently.

Florida Keys
Helicopter Rides

Whether you need a quick hop down to Ocean Reef, Mid Keys, lower Keys or Key West, A-1 Air Carriers, LLC can get you there while you enjoy spectacular views from our helicopter that are simply unavailable on a fixed wing aircraft.

Cityscape landings
Helicopter Tours

When a business meeting or event demands that you and your associates need arrive there ASAP, A-1 Air Carriers has you covered. Our twin-engine Sikorsky S-76C+ and crew of two highly experienced captains can get you in and out of most rooftop helipads safely and on time.

Project Surveys/Aerial Tours
Corporate Helicopter

There is no greater advantage to touring a Construction Site, Property or General Area aerial tour than our helicopter charter service. Our Sikorsky S-76C+ has a spacious passenger sound insulated cabin that allows your team to view the area and conduct business in comfort.


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